Invite Your Friends, Get a PLUS Upgrade!

Starting today and running until March 30th, for every 10 friends who sign up for using your special link, we’ll upgrade your account with 1 year of PLUS!

Having your friends around will increase your chances of completing your goals AND you’ll be helping them reach goals of their own. It’s a pretty awesome deal all around, don’t you think?

You can get your special invite link from the invite page. Tweet it, post it to Facebook, share it on YouTube, email it to your great aunt Mildred - anyone who clicks it and signs up for will put you one step closer to being a PLUS member!

Announcing Plus!

A few weeks ago I mentioned something that’s been in the works called Plus. Today I’m glad to say it’s finally a reality! Plus Plus builds on the Credits system as one of the ways that you can upgrade your experience.

Why should I upgrade?

A few reasons, really: 

1) You’ll get access to all sorts of neat Plus-only features such as being able to upload hi-res photos with your goals. You’ll also get FIVE Credits so you can have multiple lists! (that’s a $10 value itself!)

2) You’ll be helping to support’s future! Even though this is a labor of love for me, there are some costs associated with keeping the site up and running and your support will help me to offset those costs! (THANKS!)

3) You’ll get this awesome badge next to your name around the site: Plus Badge

What do I get when I upgrade?

When you upgrade today, you’ll unlock the following:

  • Upload hi-res photos with your goals
  • Get access to all of your past Lists
  • Add 5 Credits per year
  • A super cool PLUS badge!

That’s only the beginning! There are lots more Plus-only perks that I’ll be unveiling over the next few months!

What does it cost?

As a special launch offer, you can subscribe to Plus for just $15/year! After July 1 (when the $1/credit offer expires!), Plus subscriptions will be $24/year. 

But I just bought a bunch of Credits!

Firstly: Thank you!

To those of you who’ve already stocked your account to take advantage of the $1/Credit launch offer, have no fear! Because Plus wasn’t an option when you bought your Credits, if you upgrade to Plus in the next 30 days (that is, before July 24), I’ll refund the amount equal to the number of Credits you’ve already purchased up to $5. So, if you’ve already bought 3 Credits and upgrade to Plus before July 24, you’ll pay a grand total of $12 for the year! Just upgrade to Plus using the normal method and you’ll get a refund confirmation within a few days.

So how do I subscribe to Plus?

I thought you’d never ask!

It’s simple! Head on over to the Upgrade page and click “Get Plus!” The magical robots that I’ve commissioned to keep things in order behind the scenes will do the rest of the work for you!

That’s it!

Go on, Get Plus!