More Control Over Your Lists

Having multiple lists on just got a little bit easier. Now, instead of having to choose one privacy option for all of your lists, you can control your privacy on a per-list basis.

The new control is located right at the top of your list where you’ve always been able to see that list’s privacy. Just click the “change this” link and you’ll be able to choose your new preference for that particular list.

The old list privacy setting on your Settings page has been sent to retirement. Farewell old, clunk, inflexible privacy setting. You served us well.

This new preference lets you choose whether you’d like each list to be visible by everyone (public), just by you (completely private), or, if you prefer to moderate who has access to your list, you can set it to only be visible by the people you choose to follow!

There’s plenty more to come over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!