People Like You (Second Edition!)

Back, back WAYYYY back when had a nifty little feature that would recommend people to follow based on the types of goals you have in your lists. Somewhere along the line, the system stopped updating itself (yes, blame the system!) and recommendations were stagnant for older members and non-existent for nearly everyone who joined after October 2010. Finally, the People Like You page has gotten the TLC it needs and is back up and running in full force! Check it out and see if you can make any new friends!

You’ll need at least a few goals in your list in order for me to generate suggestions. For those of you who haven’t added anything to your list yet, you’ll see a list of recommended members. These are people who’ve made really neat lists that will give you some ideas for getting your own under way! 

I’ll be updating the recommended members list pretty often, so if you know of a member who should be on it (or want to nominate yourself!) leave a comment on the Facebook page! is more fun with friends, so go on and follow some people! You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll check off when you have a support crew around you!