With A Little Help From Your (Facebook) Friends

Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends to make progress on your goals. Maybe you have need a running partner? Or maybe you need some help learning how to use that new camera? Now you can ask for help from specific friends on Facebook!

You can post to your friends’ wall by heading to your goal page and clicking the Share With Friends button.

Pick your friends and click the Post button!

And ta-da! Your request will be waiting for your friend on their wall!

(p.s. credit to PatDoesIt for tweeting a request for this button to @accomplsh!)

Accompl.sh + Facebook: Friends Again!

It’s been a sad last few weeks for the Accompl.sh + Facebook connection. Something broke and it wasn’t possible to link your Accompl.sh account with your Facebook account. This meant that you couldn’t share your success your Facebook friends when you updated the progress on your goals! Boo!

But now there’s good news! I’ve rewritten the whole Accompl.sh + Facebook integration from the ground up and it should work better than ever!

The first thing you should do after reading this is link your Accompl.sh and Facebook accounts together on your settings page. Once you’ve done that you’ll unlock a bunch of helpful things, like filling out your Accompl.sh profile, checking to see if any of your Facebook friends are on Accompl.sh, and of course, posting your progress updates to your Facebook wall.

Most of the tools unlocked by connecting your accounts have existed for a while, but now that the integration has been reinforced, there will be more tools for you in the near future!

In the meantime, there are two tiny improvements:

  1. You can now connect your FB account right from the Find Your Friends page instead of going to your settings to link your account and then back to the Find Your Friends page to see if your friends are on Accompl.sh.
  2. I’ve added a little notifier to your list page so you can tell if your Facebook account has become unlinked for some reason. You can click this to head right to your settings to fix the connection.

That’s all! Go connect your accounts!