New Tools, New Look, More Awesome.

It’s been a while since got a design tune-up, but it was worth the wait!

Today we’re starting to roll out a new design - one that feels less cluttered, is mobile-optimized, and most importantly, gets you to the tools you need!

On top of the new design, we’re rolling out a feature that we’ve been working on behind the scenes and that some of you have gotten the chance to test: Daily Goals!

Daily goals lets you identify which goals you need to update every day and puts them in one easy-to-reach place. Once you’ve set your Daily Goals, you can update your progress straight from your Dashboard and we’ll generate an update so that everyone can share in your success on the Explore page. (That’s if your goal is public, of course!)

As always, there’s lots more to come including reminders and more, so stay tuned! In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback on these new updates!

Head over to your Dashboard to get started!