Filter Your List

One of the features I most often get requests for is the ability to see some sort of summary of the types of goals in a particular list. With the old tagging system, this was somewhat possible, but really messy. Thanks to the new category system that I posted about this morning, we can finally see what people are listing about!

This new module on the sidebar is basically a filtering system: it shows you the most common categories in that list and when you click on a particular category, it will filter the list to just show you the goals in it!

As more people add their goals to the new category system, I’ll be able to show a lot more interesting things like who the top listers are in the Travel category or who’s making the best progress in Food and Cooking, so go on and organize your goals! It only gets more awesome from here!

Organize Your Goals

Tags have been a long-standing issue on - they were hidden, often broken, and there was no real way to navigate among them. 

They’re gone now. 

Tags have been replaced with a stricter category structure that will allow for a much better browse experience. You can add categories straight from your list page. 

There are a few categories to start and I’ll be adding more as I take suggestions and/or see the need pop up.

With these new categories come new ways for you to browse through what people have added: Explore Categories. This new data will also allow me to do cooler things within your list like show what types of goals you’re working on (perhaps you’re a fitness buff with 10 goals categorized as Health & Fitness) and also suggest goals and other members to you based on your common categories. Hopefully that’ll come soon!

Have an idea for a category that’s not included in this first list? Let me know in the comments!