Invite Your Friends!

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to get your friends to join, I have the answer to all of your problems! Just added: Invite Your Friends!

Just add your friends’ email addresses, add a note, and hit send! Dead simple. 

To top it off, when your friends register for, you’ll automatically follow each other! You’ll also get a notification when they register, so be sure to give them a giant high-five when you see them!


More Control Over Your Lists

Having multiple lists on just got a little bit easier. Now, instead of having to choose one privacy option for all of your lists, you can control your privacy on a per-list basis.

The new control is located right at the top of your list where you’ve always been able to see that list’s privacy. Just click the “change this” link and you’ll be able to choose your new preference for that particular list.

The old list privacy setting on your Settings page has been sent to retirement. Farewell old, clunk, inflexible privacy setting. You served us well.

This new preference lets you choose whether you’d like each list to be visible by everyone (public), just by you (completely private), or, if you prefer to moderate who has access to your list, you can set it to only be visible by the people you choose to follow!

There’s plenty more to come over the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Challenge Yourself

Over the last few weeks I’ve been running a behind-the-scenes preview of a new twist on the old Groups section that makes working on goals into more of a social endeavor - basically a group game that lets people come together to work on a single goal.

Today I’m happy to say that the gates are open and Accomplsh Challenges are alive for everyone to join!

Here’s how it works:

  • Log in (or sign up!) and head over to There you’ll see a list of all of the Challenges that are currently available to join - they range from fitness goals to cooking goals to blogging goals and more.
  • When you find a Challenge you like: join it! You can join up to 3 Challenges at a time.
  • If you don’t like any of the Challenges listed, create one yourself!
  • Every Sunday, any Challenge that has more than 5 players signed up will be activated and from there on you’ll be able to track your progress and work together to complete your goal!

Once a Challenge has started, the round is closed off and no new players will be able to join that round. You can easily put yourself on the waiting list for the next round by clicking the “Join next round” button.

That’s it! Staying motivated to complete a goal has never been easier!

Thanks to everyone who helped preview / debug Challenges! If you’d like to be invited to preview a future feature, be sure to follow Accomplsh on Twitter or Facebook!

Now go Challenge Yourself!

Your goal’s story, right at your fingertips

On, there are a lot of pieces that come together to tell the story of your goals: the photos you add, the likes and comments you receive, your progress reports, etc. Until now, though, nearly all of these awesome details have been buried on your goal’s own page. It would take at least a few clicks to get to see the photo you’ve added to a goal or even to see how many comments you’ve gotten.

Today I’m unveiling a new way to browse through your goals - right from your list page. These new drawers expand right below your goal and give you quick access to update the story around your goal. I’ve even added in a few new bits of detail such as how many days it took you to complete the goal! 

Currently these quick views are only available on your own, locked lists. Soon, I’ll be adding the ability to pull down the drawer on any locked list (in addition to filling in that last window!).

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


(P.S. speaking of right at your fingertips, if you haven’t yet noticed the “hide completed goals” toggle, I quietly added it last week. This should help you filter through your goals when you want to update your progress!)

People Like You (Second Edition!)

Back, back WAYYYY back when had a nifty little feature that would recommend people to follow based on the types of goals you have in your lists. Somewhere along the line, the system stopped updating itself (yes, blame the system!) and recommendations were stagnant for older members and non-existent for nearly everyone who joined after October 2010. Finally, the People Like You page has gotten the TLC it needs and is back up and running in full force! Check it out and see if you can make any new friends!

You’ll need at least a few goals in your list in order for me to generate suggestions. For those of you who haven’t added anything to your list yet, you’ll see a list of recommended members. These are people who’ve made really neat lists that will give you some ideas for getting your own under way! 

I’ll be updating the recommended members list pretty often, so if you know of a member who should be on it (or want to nominate yourself!) leave a comment on the Facebook page! is more fun with friends, so go on and follow some people! You’ll be surprised how much more you’ll check off when you have a support crew around you! On The Go!

We’re all attached to our phones. They go everywhere with us. Which is perfect, really, because you’re not always sitting in front of a computer when an idea for an awesome goal to add to your list comes to mind or, even better, when you’ve just accomplished something on your list and want to check it off!

Until now, if you were browsing on your phone, you had to squint your eyes to get to the important stuff on Well squint no more! We’ve got a mobile app! 

That’s right! now comes in a mobile flavor that you can view on any smartphone. iPhone? Check! Android? Check! Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7? (Mostly) Check!

What does it do?

The mobile app highlights all of the most important bits of the site - being able to add goals, update your progress, check up on your friends, and explore. It’s a much cleaner experience than when the whole site was being cramped into that tiny screen!

Using the mobile app you can do nearly everything you can do on the main site! To make things even simpler, you can add right to your home screen as a bookmark so you can open it up in a single tap!

How do I get the app?

If you have a smartphone, you already have it! Just go to on your phone and like magic the site will transform into the mobile version!


Now there aren’t any excuses not to update your goals while you’re on the go! Go on and check it out! The Second Edition

All of the big changes over the last few weeks have been leading up to this moment: taking to the next level. These updates are something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for quite some time and thanks to some serendipitous timing and some buckling down, my grand plan for the future of is starting to come together.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the latest version of

Accomplsh, LLC

That’s right! is a real, live company now! While it doesn’t really mean anything for the day-to-day functioning of the site, it’s kind of awesome to feel legitimate, don’tcha think? You’ll notice that the footer of the site has been updated to reflect this. Don’t worry, it’s still an @jennjenn production at heart! Credits

Back when I was considering removing the 101 goal requirement, the overwhelming response was “YES! Get rid of it! But please let us have more than 1 list!” Credits allow you to have as many lists as you’d like, all from the same account! Everyone will still get one free list every year, but for those of you who’d like more lists, you can purchase Credits. For now 1 Credit = 1 additional list, but who knows what else Credits will get you in the future! Maybe the ability to edit a goal on a locked list? Maybe!

As a special launch offer, until July 1, you’ll be able to purchase all the Credits you want for $1 each! Head on over to the Upgrade page to get in on the awesomeness! 

New Profiles

In order to handle multiple lists, the Track Progress page needed a bit of an overhaul. Now called My Lists, you (and anyone who visits your profile if it’s public) will be able to see all of your lists in one place. This also means that your lists and goals now have new URLs. While changing this up wasn’t ideal, it was really the only way to fix the mistake I made early on in development by not building the URL structure to support multiple lists. A small hiccup, but it’ll be worth it in the end! Plus

Having been on my to do list for 101in365 since the very beginning, Plus is an account upgrade that unlocks all sorts of awesome features including the ability to view and share your lists from past years (regardless of Credits!), use ad-free, share full sized photos with your goals, and so much more to come! With an Plus annual subscription, you’ll also get 5 credits to use to create more lists! Plus is still in development, but you’ll be able to sign up before the end of the summer!

One final note:

While all of these changes may be a bit concerning for those of you who’ve been around since the very beginning, I want to make one thing clear: I have every intention of keeping the core concept of the old 101in365 in tact. I love the concept as much as you do and while I’m obviously making some efforts to open the doors for growth, I’m even more committed to making sure that the site stays true to its origins. I have and always will endlessly value your feedback, so please, send it my way

Only the beginning…

This summer’s lineup is looking fantastic. We have some GREAT new stuff in the works. As always, you can stay up to date with the latest by following @accomplsh on Twitter. 

A numbers game

When I first built (RIP 101in365) it was with one goal in mind: get my own personal 101in365 off of my WordPress blog. It was impossible to manage that way and I wanted to automate it. Then I started coding and coding and coding and before I knew it here you all were - 2500+ members all subscribing to this ridiculous concept I had of coming up with 101 things I wanted to do every year. How awesome for a little side project that just kept growing!

But then the reality set in - not everyone is like me. Just because I’ve conditioned myself to sit down and write out this list over the course of a few days every December doesn’t mean that everyone else enjoys doing the same. I would hear all the time “I found your site and started a list but I couldn’t come up with 101 so I just gave up.” How sad! For me AND for you! Because I WANT you ALL to create lists and goals and do awesome things.

The debate to keep the 101 goal requirement was a bit of a tug of war and went hand-in-hand with the debate over whether to rename the site. I even experimented with allowing new users to lock their lists at any point to see if it would stick. But I was stubborn and figured “hey if 500 people can come up with 101 goals, it’s not impossible!” The average number of goals per list sat at a comfortably unfinished 41.87 goals.

Then I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to rename the site. And with that opened the door to remove the 101 goal restriction (After all, it would have been weird having lists of 10 goals on a site called 101in365. The numbers were tough enough to remember to begin with!). 

So here we are. On a site called whose mission is stated as “helping you develop, track, and accomplish your goals in 365 days or less.” I should have paid more attention to that from the beginning because nowhere does it mention the need to have 101 goals.

And now, that requirement is gone.

While part of me mourns the loss of the challenge of coming up with 101 goals, the other part of me is REALLY excited to see what doors this opens up as new members create lists of 10 goals or 18 goals or 52 goals that are no less important than the existing lists of 101 goals. And hey, who knows, maybe someone will even go BEYOND 101 goals!

So go forth and list to your heart’s content. Come one, come all, and celebrate lists big and small! (hey! that rhymed!)

Fresh New Features: Suggestion Box!

One of the most common bits of feedback I get is “101 goals?! I can’t come up with that many!” And that’s totally understandable. It took me a good amount of practice to learn how to break my goals down into bite-sized pieces. But that shouldn’t stop you from making an list of your own! has one mission: to help you to Develop, Track, and Accomplish your goals in 365 days or less. Until now we’ve done a lot of focusing on the Tracking part, but it’s time we gave the Develop bit the TLC it deserves.

I’m happy to say we’ve made what I hope will be another huge step toward helping you fill out your list.

The Suggestion Box! 

It’s simple, really: If your list is unlocked, you can now send out a page (we call it your Suggestion Box) to your friends, family, or the entire Internets if that suits your fancy. On this page, people can add their ideas for goals you should include on your list. To make things even more interesting - they can suggest anonymously! 

You, as the list owner, can see what people have suggested for you and can add the suggestions straight to your list! If you don’t like a particular suggestion, that’s OK! Just hit the X and it’ll be gone in a jiffy!

There’s more to come over the next few weeks, so keep checking back! Or just follow @accomplsh on twitter for all the latest!