Lots of new Activity on your Dashboard!

Accompl.sh has grown a CRAZY amount since I first added the Dashboard last April, both in terms of members and features. The Dashboard, sadly, hasn’t gotten much attention in that time, but that’s starting to change!

Until now there were 3 types of activity on your Dashboard: Someone updated the progress of their goal, someone liked a goal, and someone commented on a goal. These updates were also constrained to activity that happened TO you rather than including other activity from the people you’re following. Sadly this left out all of the awesome bits of OTHER activity on the site. Things like joining a Challenge, creating a new list, following other people, etc. were all left unannounced and unacknowledged. 

Good news! That’s all changed! The new activity feed on your Dashboard gives you all sorts of new updates, and sometimes even more details on the updates that already exist. This new system not only tells you what’s happening to your goals and Challenges, but also what the people you’re following are up to around the site. 

Here’s a taste of the new update types:

I’ll leave it to you to find the others. Can’t give away all the surprises, now can I?!