On The Go!

We’re all attached to our phones. They go everywhere with us. Which is perfect, really, because you’re not always sitting in front of a computer when an idea for an awesome goal to add to your list comes to mind or, even better, when you’ve just accomplished something on your list and want to check it off!

Until now, if you were browsing on your phone, you had to squint your eyes to get to the important stuff on Well squint no more! We’ve got a mobile app! 

That’s right! now comes in a mobile flavor that you can view on any smartphone. iPhone? Check! Android? Check! Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7? (Mostly) Check!

What does it do?

The mobile app highlights all of the most important bits of the site - being able to add goals, update your progress, check up on your friends, and explore. It’s a much cleaner experience than when the whole site was being cramped into that tiny screen!

Using the mobile app you can do nearly everything you can do on the main site! To make things even simpler, you can add right to your home screen as a bookmark so you can open it up in a single tap!

How do I get the app?

If you have a smartphone, you already have it! Just go to on your phone and like magic the site will transform into the mobile version!


Now there aren’t any excuses not to update your goals while you’re on the go! Go on and check it out!

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