The Second Edition

All of the big changes over the last few weeks have been leading up to this moment: taking to the next level. These updates are something I’ve been working on behind the scenes for quite some time and thanks to some serendipitous timing and some buckling down, my grand plan for the future of is starting to come together.

Today I’m thrilled to announce the latest version of

Accomplsh, LLC

That’s right! is a real, live company now! While it doesn’t really mean anything for the day-to-day functioning of the site, it’s kind of awesome to feel legitimate, don’tcha think? You’ll notice that the footer of the site has been updated to reflect this. Don’t worry, it’s still an @jennjenn production at heart! Credits

Back when I was considering removing the 101 goal requirement, the overwhelming response was “YES! Get rid of it! But please let us have more than 1 list!” Credits allow you to have as many lists as you’d like, all from the same account! Everyone will still get one free list every year, but for those of you who’d like more lists, you can purchase Credits. For now 1 Credit = 1 additional list, but who knows what else Credits will get you in the future! Maybe the ability to edit a goal on a locked list? Maybe!

As a special launch offer, until July 1, you’ll be able to purchase all the Credits you want for $1 each! Head on over to the Upgrade page to get in on the awesomeness! 

New Profiles

In order to handle multiple lists, the Track Progress page needed a bit of an overhaul. Now called My Lists, you (and anyone who visits your profile if it’s public) will be able to see all of your lists in one place. This also means that your lists and goals now have new URLs. While changing this up wasn’t ideal, it was really the only way to fix the mistake I made early on in development by not building the URL structure to support multiple lists. A small hiccup, but it’ll be worth it in the end! Plus

Having been on my to do list for 101in365 since the very beginning, Plus is an account upgrade that unlocks all sorts of awesome features including the ability to view and share your lists from past years (regardless of Credits!), use ad-free, share full sized photos with your goals, and so much more to come! With an Plus annual subscription, you’ll also get 5 credits to use to create more lists! Plus is still in development, but you’ll be able to sign up before the end of the summer!

One final note:

While all of these changes may be a bit concerning for those of you who’ve been around since the very beginning, I want to make one thing clear: I have every intention of keeping the core concept of the old 101in365 in tact. I love the concept as much as you do and while I’m obviously making some efforts to open the doors for growth, I’m even more committed to making sure that the site stays true to its origins. I have and always will endlessly value your feedback, so please, send it my way

Only the beginning…

This summer’s lineup is looking fantastic. We have some GREAT new stuff in the works. As always, you can stay up to date with the latest by following @accomplsh on Twitter. 

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