Introducing: Visual Lists

Today I’m excited to unveil something that I’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while now: Visual Lists!

Visual Lists are a great new way to show off your goals. They strip away all of the extra details that are probably only interesting to you (and maybe your mom) and show off your goals in a whole new way. Have a look:

With Visual Lists everyone can get a quick idea of where your goals stand without having to read every single line of your list. Each block leads right to your goal page where your supporters can get the full scoop on that goal.

You can get to the Visual List for any public list by clicking this new button on the list page:

A List with Personality

There’s one more awesome thing about Visual Lists: They’re customizable! PLUS members have access to a widget that will let you set your list’s colors to suit your fancy.

If you’re not a PLUS member, now’s the perfect time to upgrade! And don’t forget: For the month of March, if 10 of your friends join using your personal link, you’ll get 1 year of PLUS for FREE! Details here.

Visual Lists are available RIGHT NOW! Head over to your list page to get started!

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