Pin Your Favorite Goals!

With everyone raving about and obsessing over Pinterest (myself included!), it felt like was being left out of all the fun!

Not anymore!

Starting RIGHT NOW you can pin your favorite goals to Pinterest! Just click the “Pin It” button on any public goal on the site (You’ll find the button on the goal page where you add comments, etc.):

That’ll let you share your favorite goals with your friends on Pinterest (and Facebook and Twitter if that’s your style!)

And because every goal on the site is its own unique little snowflake, so are the goals that you share to Pinterest: the colors will change to make your boards nice and bright!

As always, private goals are safe from being shared.

Since this is just an experiment I put together in a few hours, if you guys like it, I’ll spend more time allowing you to customize the appearance of your goals when they’re shared!

So go forth and Pin! And let me know what you think in the comments below!

(P.S. - need a Pinterest invite? Email jenn {at} and I’ll try to get one sent out to you ASAP!)

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