New Year’s resolutions aren’t about doing things once (otherwise, they’d be known as “New Year’s tasks”), they’re about big goals and lifestyle changes. And while some tech products are filled with bells and whistles to help you track your progress while you chase your dreams, sometimes a simple list is all you need. is a Web service that helps push you toward your goals. In order to begin checking things off, you need to “lock” a list of at least 10 items. Why? Commitment — with unlocked lists, users can remove more difficult goals, but wants to encourage you to keep at it. By the time next December rolls along, you want to have at least made progress rather than have given up completely. And if social pressure is a good motivator, you can share your progress on Facebook. Furthermore, individual users can engage the entire community by posting a challenge, such as a year of Meatless Mondays, that others can partake in. The basic account is free, but users have the option to purchase credits for additional features.
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