Just over a year ago, I wrote a post about a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in the following 365 days (this original list can be found here). The website for this was originally called 101in365.com, but has since been renamed Accompl.sh. I actually quite like the new name! In any case, I did not complete all 101 items, but did knock out exactly 51 of them. A number were also in progress and partially completed, but others were not at all…

I loved the concept of 101 to-do items, so when I built my new list, I made sure to come up with that number once more. In creating a new list, I had to take a hard look at my original list and think about why the items that were not completed were left in that state…

A Chomp at Love with Dinah Saur: Personal Goals to Accompl.sh

Long-time Accompl.sh member Dinahsaur reflects on her first Accompl.sh list and how that helped her make an even better list for 2012.

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