An Update to the Guidelines

I’ve been noticing a trend of adding clip art and stock imagery to goals. There are multiple problems with this:

  1. It probably isn’t your image. Most stock imagery and clip art is under copyright. This means you probably don’t have the rights to use it. 
  2. They’re generally very low quality. Let’s face it - clip art isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing imagery around. Especially if it’s not the appropriate size and it ends up being scaled up pixelated. No one wants to look at ugly pixels.
  3. They clutter the stream and make it difficult to find the REAL photos. There are so many fantastic photos of you guys achieving your goals. It’s a shame that they’re getting lost among the numerous bits of clip art that aren’t adding any value.

In order to keep the quality of images as high as possible (and make it a much more pleasant viewing experience for everyone!), I’ve updated the Guidelines to include the following:

Post quality images - Take pride in your achievements! Awesome photos of you accomplishing your goals are encouraged - even if it’s just quick snapshot from your phone. Clip art and stock imagery clutters the stream, are probably copyrighted and will be moderated/deleted.

To give you an idea of what’s OK:

What’s not OK:

  • Most things you find in a Google image search
  • Especially clip art.

From here on out, images added to goals will be actively moderated to make sure they’re within the guidelines. I’ll also be going through images added in the past few months to remove clip art and stock imagery.

For the most part, the photos you’ve all added to your goals have been phenomenal! I hope this new guideline will help to highlight your successes instead of letting them get lost in the noise. Keep them coming!

If you have any questions about the new guidelines, leave a comment below or email me at jenn @

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