Your goal’s story, right at your fingertips

On, there are a lot of pieces that come together to tell the story of your goals: the photos you add, the likes and comments you receive, your progress reports, etc. Until now, though, nearly all of these awesome details have been buried on your goal’s own page. It would take at least a few clicks to get to see the photo you’ve added to a goal or even to see how many comments you’ve gotten.

Today I’m unveiling a new way to browse through your goals - right from your list page. These new drawers expand right below your goal and give you quick access to update the story around your goal. I’ve even added in a few new bits of detail such as how many days it took you to complete the goal! 

Currently these quick views are only available on your own, locked lists. Soon, I’ll be adding the ability to pull down the drawer on any locked list (in addition to filling in that last window!).

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


(P.S. speaking of right at your fingertips, if you haven’t yet noticed the “hide completed goals” toggle, I quietly added it last week. This should help you filter through your goals when you want to update your progress!)

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